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Whenever I watch fairy tales with Olivia, as a single mother, I have to stop and think, is this really the message I want her to learn?  That her happiness in life hangs on finding some elusive prince who will whisk her away to her happily ever after?

I think I would prefer that she learn to be a strong and self-sufficient woman, who will maybe find a partner (male or female), who is right for her and with whom she can live a happy and fulfilled life.  But if she never finds that person, her life will still be just as joyous and complete.  Like mine is! I want her to know that it is possible, even desirable, to go it alone and still be very happy.

And even though I want her to grow up to be a strong and independent woman, who will be able to withstand and overcome all of life’s disappointments, unscathed, I don’t want to ruin the fairy tale for her either.

So for now, I will let her have her fairy tales.  I’ll let her watch the movies.  I’ll even read her the stories before bed. Part of childhood is believing in magic and picture-perfect happy endings.  Hopefully, I will figure out how to teach her that whatever path she chooses in life, if she is fulfilled, then that is her happy ending.

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