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I’ve been slacking on my blog posts. Not because I’m lazy. I’ve just been insanely busy at work and in life. But I have been having tons of fun. And one of those fun filled days happened to be on Thanksgiving. This day started at 4am. Yup. 4am people. We did our annual pilgrimage to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And if you want a good spot in the front with an unobstructed view from big heads and children’s butts perched on top of their parents shoulders, you MUST rise and shine earlier than the sun does. But I guarantee, every minute of lost sleep, and the countless hours of waiting for the parade to begin is worth it!

This year I also took my “other daughter” Bianca. She’s really just my daughter’s best friend,but I love her as if she were my own. And after a night of giggling, they finally fell asleep at midnight, only to be up ay 4am. And if you can believe it,, they woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. So without further ado, here are some of the pictures I took that day. Begins with the girls in their sleeping bags at 5am, and ends with the gluten free dinner I made right after I got home from the parade. That’s right people!!! You heard me. After the day I had, I ran home and cooked Thanksgiving dinner as well that day. And I put up the Christmas tree and was relaxing by 6pm. Supermom you might be thinking. You’re thinking right. I rock as a  mom!!! Enjoy!

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Every year, on September 1st, my daughter and I go on our annual family vacation. It didn’t set out to be “our” thing, but from the very first time we went to Nickelodeon Suites Resorts, we immediately fell in love and decided we would make an annual pilgrimage at the exact time. For anyone with little ones, this place is amazing, aquatic, and affordable! I highly recommend it! So rather than bore you all with descriptions of all the fun we had, I’ll share our experience through pictures. Enjoy!

Oh, and I do want to add that since we go every year, I decided I wanted to give this trip an added level of excitement. So I told Olivia, all summer long, that we weren’t going to be able to go this year due to lack of funds. She was sad but surprisingly, for a 6 year old, took the news quite well. So that morning, when she woke up, I gave her the news! And she was ecstatic! As you can see, I was bombarded with kisses all day long! These are pictures of us at LGA and at the Orlando International airport upon arrival!

Olivia checking out her sleeping quarters – which never gets used by the way since she STILL SLEEPS WITH ME!!!! But she’s excited about her room nonetheless.

Here she is posing with Dora multiple times. She doesn’t even like Dora anymore, but God forbid she misses out on a photo opportunity! LOL


Here she is with Otis, from Back in the Barnyard, Fan Boy & Chum Chum, and Diego!

These next 5 need no introduction!

… the photo ops continue!

Poolside pics! Look closely at the first one – action shot it’s blurred – she’s doing the belly flop!

Here she is at the Kid’s Spa getting a mani/pedi and her hair beaded.

Here she is building a buddy!

They had a night time poolside dance party too:

Here are some snap shots of us at Discovery Cove.

And this was the highlight of the day! She still talks about it!!!

A snap shot of her at Aquatica … I’ll post underwater shots in the future. Her on the plane snugged in with her build-a-bear buddies. And lastly, here I am returning some love. She’s the best kid EVER! Words can’t ever describe my love for her. ❤

We truly had a blast! I can’t wait to go back next year. And neither can she!!!

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